Tetiana Pavlova

“To the history of Kharkiv School of Photography”

Oleksandra Osadcha

“Searching for photography-as-art: theoretical views of Jury Rupin in the official photographic discourse of the late Soviet period”

Bella Logachova

“Actionism in the photography of the Kharkiv school and new art media of the 2000s: gallery-laboratory “SOSka””

Adam Mazur

“Penis and Friends. Looking Closer at Kharkiv School Male Genitalia Obsession”

Helen Petrovsky

“Photogeny of Revolution”

Tomasz Szerszeń

“Mutilated Images of History (Boris Mikhailov, Evgeniy Pavlov)”

Kateryna Iakovlenko and Halyna Hleba

“The place of travesty: was there a queer in Kharkiv photography?”

Vitaliia Shchelkanova

“The discourse of corporeality in the photography of Igor Chekachkov”

Tatiana Kochubinska

“Heroic in vulnerability. Kharkiv photography of the late 1980s – early 2000s”

Fedora Parkmann

“The Entangled Reception of Ukrainian and Soviet Photography in Interwar Czechoslovakia”

Valentyn Odnoviun

“Baltic and Ukrainian Art Photographers: Social Intersections and Visual Inspirations”

Agnė Narušytė

”The Unfinished Business of the Unfinished Dissertation: Boris Mikhailov and the “Aesthetics of Boredom” in Lithuania”

Uladzimir Parfianok

“Minsk and Kharkiv photography of the 1980s and 1990s: virtual meetings, crossovers, mutual influences”

Camilo Racana

“A critical approach to the photograph by Yevgeniy Pavlov presented at the ICR in Paris within the framework of the exhibition ‘Un Homme chapitre IV, La Mer Noire, november 2018. Curated by Camilo Racana”

Christian Kortegaard Madsen

“More Less. Sergei Sviatchenko Deconstructing Photography”

Conversation with Alexei Shulgin

“San Sanych Slyusarev, Boris Mikhailov and Kharkiv School”

In conversation: Sergiy Lebedinskiy and Viktoria Bavykina

“The museum of photography” project.

Round table with Kharkiv School photographers
History of moving images. New media in Ukrainian contemporary art